About Me

I team

  • Collaborate with stakeholders
  • Cross-train with teammates
  • Celebrate diversity and practice inclusivity

I am

  • Experienced Technical Writer for software products
  • UX researcher, UX writer
  • Enterprise Design Thinker

I add value

  • Enhance user experience by creating clear text and visual information
  • Increase team efficiency and product quality by improving processes
  • Increase team morale by promoting inclusivity and collaboration

I create

  • Write structured, reusable, accessible, localizable text
  • Improve processes for production, collaboration, translation
  • Design visual and textual information for joyous user experiences:
    • Publications
    • Interactive, responsive web sites and mobile interfaces
    • User interface text

Old growth

Advisory Software Engineer at IBM Corp.: Content Developer for IBM Z operating systems and IBM storage software.

  • Tech pubs, online help, messages, UI text
  • Processes for production and collaboration
  • Topic-based, single-sourced, accessible writing

New growth

UCSC Extension: UX and Web Design certificate:

  • User experience principles, processes
  • Web browser, mobile, and graphic design fundamentals

IBM Enterprise Design Thinking:

  • User experience research
  • Content design