Designing an app that empowers referees to
support world-class youth soccer programs
The challenge:
Efficient use of
limited volunteer
To support high-quality, low-cost youth
soccer programs, volunteer resources
must be used efficiently.
Games cannot be played without
Leagues are frequently challenged by
insufficient referee resources.
Existing solutions
Most tools for managing referee
resource are web-based and are not
easily accessible to referees in the field
who have a smart phone.
Referee schedules can and sometimes
must flex due to personal issues, field
issues, and availability of teams.
There is no integrated solution that
makes it easy for referees to adapt to
changing conditions in real time.
Design Goal
Help leagues leverage their precious referee
resources efficiently.
Create an app that:
Accesses the data in the web-based tool
Gives referees the information that they
need, where and when they need it, to
allocate their resources efficiently
Integrates schedules, contacts, maps, and
weather information so that it is easy for a
referee to plan and implement her volunteer